Gen 2 Sign Tubes

//Gen 2 Sign Tubes


Our patent pending LED Sign tube lights offer better heat dissipation, more vibrant lighting, more durability and a significant cost savings over the life of your sign. Installation is easy. Simply cut the power, remove the old bulbs, cut the power leads to the existing ballast and remove the ballast entirely, insert the new generation 2 patent pending tube lights from SignlightsLED and connect them with the easy to use power cable, wire the proper power supply leads to the corresponding wires to the new power supply cable and close the sign case to finish your simple installation. Available in sizes from 18 to 120 inches. Our revolutionary design enables you to spend less time on the sign installation and more time making sure your job is right the first time. Our larger tubes are engineered as two connectable pieces which means they are easier to ship, handle, install and maintain!

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