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Photometric analysis is the most precise and comprehensive approach to large-scale lighting projects, and it’s the most impressive weapon in a lighting expert’s arsenal. Light is inherently difficult to control, but modern lighting software makes it possible to accurately map a project space before fixture installation.

Using photometric design, lighting providers can offer clients a full picture of what their project will look like following installation. It can also provide a point of discussion and project development for clients who want to improve their fixture layout or technology.







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At Krut LED™ we have the expertise and experience to provide the finest lighting plan to enhance your project’s surroundings. Email your site plan, and we will generate a Photometric layout by using the minimum number of fixtures and calculating the lumens as well as lighting distribution by maintaining the uniformity in flux according to your needs.

We respect our clients’ bottom line and often suggest product alternatives that offer up-front savings and operating efficiencies. We’re here to provide you with the best value and customer service for your investment, no matter the scale of your project.

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Photometric analysis is essential for areas like parking lots. Code typically demands adherence to minimum, maximum, and mean light levels. Alleviating safety concerns and avoiding potential liabilities is well worth the bit of extra planning. It is impossible to guess which lighting technology will provide the best light for certain projects. Whether a parking lot is being lit by large flood lights mounted on poles, wall packs mounted to buildings, bollard lights mounted in the ground, or some combination (which is typical), photometric analysis can help avoid relying on assumptions. Photometric analysis even facilitates review of the light output and can calculate distribution of different lamp types in the same luminaire.

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In large commercial spaces like a warehouse that require major lighting, photometrics play an important role. It allows architects and lighting designers to know if the light is enough for a space.  It can confirm brightness, intensity,  evenness of light and more.   It also enables understanding of costs and allow for planning of electrical needs.

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Sports facilities are one of the most common applications of photometric analyses, as the technology can effectively analyze light levels for single courts, full-sized stadiums, and everything in between. The layouts provide insight on the light levels across the entire area; they also determine whether or not the layout will meet the lighting specifications for a specific sport or level of competition. For example, a tennis facility may have eight courts and require club-level lighting while limiting light trespass. A photometric analysis will ensure the lighting layout will meet the requirements and make the buying and installation process straightforward and stress-free.

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